Open Data Catalog v
Todo List
Namespace Drupal
Member Drupal::common::addCacheHeaders (Response $response)
implement more flexible caching and move the code out of the trait.
Class Drupal\common\Resource

Rename filePath to uri or url.

Refactor as service.

Class Drupal\common\UrlHostTokenResolver
Convert to service with Dependency Injection.
Member Drupal\datastore\Controller\QueryController::querySchema ()
Incorporate config cache tags into the API response service.
Member Drupal\datastore\Drush::import (string $identifier, array $options=['deferred'=> FALSE])
pass configurable options for csv delimiter, quite, and escape characters. @command dkan:datastore:import
Member Drupal\datastore\Plugin\QueueWorker\Import::requeue (array $data)
Clarify return value. Documentation suggests it should return ID.
Member Drupal\datastore\Service\Info\ImportInfoList::buildList ()
Going directly to get filefetcher objects does not feel right. We should have cleaner interfaces to get the data we need.
Class Drupal\datastore\Service\ResourceLocalizer
Update fileMapper to resourceMapper.
Member Drupal\datastore\Storage\DatabaseTable::buildTableSchema ($tableName, $fieldsInfo)
Note that this will break on PostgresSQL
Class Drupal\datastore\Storage\TableSummary
Use JSON Schema maybe to validate this?
Member Drupal\frontend\Page::build ($name)
/data-catalog-frontend/build/index.html may not always exist.
Member Drupal\harvest\Service::revertHarvest ($id)
the destruct method should be part of some interface.
Class Drupal\metastore\Controller\MetastoreController
Move docs stuff.
Member Drupal\metastore\Factory\MetastoreItemFactoryInterface::getCacheTags ()
Make this schema-specific.
Member Drupal\metastore\LifeCycle\LifeCycle::distributionLoad (MetastoreItemInterface $data)
Decouple "resource" functionality from specific dataset properties.
Member Drupal\metastore\Plugin\QueueWorker\OrphanReferenceProcessor::processItem ($data)
make the SchemaID for this dynamic
Member Drupal\metastore\Reference\ReferenceLookup::getReferencers (string $schemaId, string $referenceId, string $propertyId)
Refactor when this storage vs item factory mess is resolved.
Member Drupal\metastore\ResourceMapper::filePathExists ($filePath)
Refactor this so it's not an exception.
Member Drupal\metastore\ResourceMapper::register (Resource $resource)
the Resource class currently lives in datastore, we should move it to a more neutral place.
Member Drupal\metastore\SchemaRetriever::getDefaultSchemaDirectory (ModuleExtensionList $extensionList)
There may be easier way to do this and without hardcoding paths.
Member Drupal\metastore\Service::metadataHash ($data)
This should probably be somewhere else.
Member Drupal\metastore\Service::removeReferences (RootedJsonData $object, $prefix="%")
Probably remove the prefix param and just always use "%Ref".
Class Drupal\metastore\Storage\Data
Separate workflow management and storage into separate classes.
Member Drupal\metastore\Storage\NodeData::retrieveByHash ($hash, $schema_id)
This method is not consistent with others in this class, and may not be needed at all. Fix or remove.
Class Drupal\metastore_search\Plugin\search_api\datasource\DkanDataset
We should rely more in the metastore instead of direct entity queries and direct connections to storage classes.