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Drupal\metastore\Factory\MetastoreEntityItemFactoryInterface Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for Drupal\metastore\Factory\MetastoreEntityItemFactoryInterface:
Drupal\metastore\Factory\MetastoreItemFactoryInterface Drupal\metastore\NodeWrapper\NodeDataFactory

Static Public Member Functions

static getEntityType ()
static getBundles ()
static getMetadataField ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Drupal\metastore\Factory\MetastoreItemFactoryInterface
static getCacheTags ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Drupal\metastore\Factory\MetastoreItemFactoryInterface
 __construct (EntityRepository $entityRepository)
 getInstance (string $identifier, array $config=[])
 wrap ($input)

Detailed Description

Interface MetastoreItemFactoryInterface.

Used for service dkan.metastore.metastore_item_factory. Override the service to use different logic for producing a MetastoreItemInterface object from just an indentifier.

Definition at line 12 of file MetastoreEntityItemFactoryInterface.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getBundles()

static Drupal\metastore\Factory\MetastoreEntityItemFactoryInterface::getBundles ( )

Get the bundles, if any, used by this factory for storing item entities.

array Array of bundle IDs.

Implemented in Drupal\metastore\NodeWrapper\NodeDataFactory.

◆ getEntityType()

static Drupal\metastore\Factory\MetastoreEntityItemFactoryInterface::getEntityType ( )

Get the entity type used for this item factory.

string The entity type ID, e.g. 'node'.

Implemented in Drupal\metastore\NodeWrapper\NodeDataFactory.

◆ getMetadataField()

static Drupal\metastore\Factory\MetastoreEntityItemFactoryInterface::getMetadataField ( )

Get the name of the entity field or property used to store metadata.

string Field API name.

Implemented in Drupal\metastore\NodeWrapper\NodeDataFactory.